Museo della Bonifica: a museum for the territory.

Il Museo della Bonifica, museo civico di San Don?a' di Piave. Esterno


The Museo della Bonifica collect, in a general compendium, elements which remains the story of the town and the surrounding territory with its transformations, summarizing through its collections the situations lived by who has lived it in the past, so that who is living in it today , could better orientate himself. The visitor will realize that the signs of the past and of the environment changes are still alive and immediately perceivable in the great reclamation systems, on the big network of canals, on the big rurals houses built to give hospitality to the farmer's families; the visitor perceives the strong signs of the agrarian landscape and he takes contact with the river and its precious naturalistic treasures.The museum's structure, from the modest core which constitute it, unravel on a wide net of possible routes, which are not only limited inside thr walls, but are also integrate with the external.


 Ricordando la Grande Guerra. Spettacolo di luci e suoni sul Piave. Edizione 2006



This culture's institute doesn't have the function of museum-collection anymore, but it becomes larger and change itself into a "echo museum", a museum that emblematically represent his city and his territory referenced area. For a long time Museo della Bonifica thought to have settled itself in on the research of a various image of the institute, that could correspond to a more envolved museum's model: it manteins a narrow tie with the territory, it's a comunication place in which are provided informations about all cultural activities that are made in this ambit; it's a reference point for the events that are organized and the meeting time proposed to users and which are used to consolidate the connections between cultural structure and population, reinforcing the structure's belonging sence to our own community.These are all credentials that the museum would like to highlight and that have allow to express his own charateristic personality.



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